This is the 2011 RISD Graphic Design MFA Thesis Show. (2011)

A group exhibition of selected work from the RISD Graphic Design MFA Class of 2011, the show was published as a collaborative catalogue. The catalogue, consisting of four broadsheets printed in two colors on newsprint, could be read as a book and also unfolded into a series of four posters. The catalogue was distributed and displayed at the annual RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition. The show is the catalogue, which is also the show.

This is Really.

In collaboration with Salem Al-Qassimi, Jane Androski, Marc Choi, Hope Chu, Eliza Fitzhugh, Jessica Greenfield, Lynn Kiang, Seung Chan Lim, Sara Raffo, Mat Stevens, Erika Tarte, Dimitry Tetin, Olivia Verdugo, and Emily Sara Wilson.

Photos by Dimitry Tetin.

This is the press check of the show:

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